Room Type

We offer three room types for your choice: Double Room, Quad Room and Balcony Quad Room


Essentially a room for two, with one 1 large double-bed.The room also contains animal sculptures that evoke the natural imagery of a forest. An accessible room is also available.

Price: $ 5,000 NTD
23.1~26.4m² (1 large bed)

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Quad Room

This room is suitable for four people, and has 2 large beds.It offers a cozy space with a modern loft design and country furniture.

Rate: $ 8,000 NTD
33m² (Queen & Queen)

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Quad Room (Click for room details)


The delicate exotic wall painting displays a vivid color palette. The innovative interior evokes a cozy atmosphere that you dream to bask in at home. The following playful miscellaneous items are also included: a mini air hokey table, a Chesterfield leather sofa, a stained-glass chandelier, rick n’ roll chic beds and a balcony decorated with tropical plants. Get ready for surprises and have fun with us!

Rate: $ 10,000 NTD
Suit for one living room and one bedroom
62.8m² (2 large beds)

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Balcony Quad Room (Click for room details)